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"Frite Lodge puts a lot of heart into producing a great

haunted attraction... Frite Lodge is pure creativity and

passion at its best" 

"I was scared or caught off gaurd more times than I could

"If you want to support a haunt that is affordable, truely local, and

fueled by an obsessive love for scaring people, be sure to swing by Frite Lodge", 2012

"FriteLodge exceeded every expectation for a haunt of its kind that I'd

imagined... I knew the haunt was non-profit. I knew the actors were

volunteers. And yet, FriteLodge delivered arguably one of the best

experiences of this young haunt season so far... Make no mistake about it,

FriteLodge can stand toe-to-toe with the big dogs"

-, 2014

"This is one of the hardest haunts to describe. It really has

to be experienced. That's probably one of the biggest

compliments that we can give a haunt. The people at

FriteLodge do SO MUCH with so little, and their efforts do

not go unnoticed." -, 2015